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Re: [EVDL] Craig Uyeda's "doped lead acid batteries"?

Dmitri wrote:

> Craig Uyeda (Deafscooter) always claims to use some secret
> chemical he puts in his Hawker and other lead acid
> batteries that triples their power output and wins races.
> Sounds too good to be true, yet he has insanely performing
> vehicles. Any clue?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I'll believe he has
something when I see independent before and after test results for a set
of his "doped" batteries.

I've got a standing offer extended to our (Vancouver, BC) local
self-proclaimed battery rejuvenation expert to validate his claims by
perfoming standard before and after charge/discharge tests on batteries
of his choice. He's got nothing to lose if his claims are true; I don't
care what he does to the batteries to rejuvenate them, I just want to
quantify the change in performance... I have yet to be taken up on the


The specs on this page are why I don't have any confidence in Craig's
claims. He states his go kart is using a set of "doped" 12V batteries
that are capable of 2400A for 5min. At the same time, he claims the
cart is running a custom 1600A 24V PMC (Curtis PMC, I presume)
controller... so how does he know if the batteries will deliver 2400A?
2400A is a lot of current; few people have the instruments to measure
it, and fewer still have the ability to apply that sort of load, never
mind sustaining it for 5min. BTW, 2400A for 5min is 200Ah, but the
batteries on this kart appear to be a pair of U1-ish size batteries;
even if he had some magic chemical that the battery company chemists
aren't aware of that allowed higher than normal currents, there is no
way it could allow one to get 200Ah from 35Ah-ish batteries.



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