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Re: [EVDL] DCP Controller Tach Sensor Assembly Sources? Non Progress report!

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From: "Dave Oliveria" <[email protected]>
To: "Electric Vehicle Discussion List" <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 7:28 AM
Subject: [EVDL] DCP Controller Tach Sensor Assembly Sources?

> Good morning fellow EV'ers,
> I'm looking for a Tach Sensor assembly that goes with the DCP 600amp
> controller. Does anyone know where I could get one of these?
> I've been a bit of a lurker over the past several months while I've been
> converting a 98 Ranger (with LOTS of Bob Rice's technical help and his
> garage full of welders, torches, grinders, etc) and I'm almost there. In
> fact, I hope to be test driving it this weekend! I've got an ADC 9"
> motor, DCP controller and 144v system (variac for now, charger later).
> It's been great to hear what everyone is doing on there vehicles (and
> maybe what not to do, too!). Thanks!
> I think I lucked out with the DCP's tach feature in that when I install
> the Tach sensor assembly, the DCP is supposed to provide Tach output for a
> 4-cylinder engine (same as the one I took out of the truck). I'm hoping
> to connect this to the instrument cluster tach for that factory-finished
> look rather than an add-on Tach gauge.
> Appreciate any help on the Tach sensor sources.
> Thanks!
> Dave Oliveria
> Soon to be an EV-Grinner!
> _____
Hi Dave an' EVerybody;

Well, 0ff to Dave's garage to try to get the @#$% Rapture controller
to go. Of course I drove over to Dave's in the Jetta, and decided to do a
musical controller round. Pulled my still hot(Godamn fan doesn't work
anymore!) Rapture 450 amper to try in Dave's Ranger, STILL nothin, til I
hooked a lead from the Pin 6 onthe green plug, counting down from the top.
To the "Hot" side of the , in Dave's case, contacter, the one that pulls in
when the comntroller is charged? Dave has two, ONE a "Line Switch" which
pulls in when ya turn on the key. With that jumper in place the truck's
motor spun happily to life!Voila!! I'll put Daves Rapture 600 back and hook
that lead up and it will run? Nope! Put the 600 in MY car and it was DOA
there, too. So, It's off to Pete Senkowsky's. DAMN It! This is the cost of
doing business in Corrupticut THOUSANDS of miles away from EV Tech dom> It's
almost enough to drive ya to contactors! I am clueless to fixing what's
INSIDE the damn purple box! If I can't fix it with a big hammer, I'm in
trouble. I can hammer and weld badd-erie boxes and change out springs all
day, But this?_

Anybody got any non acrobatic suggestions for testing, trouble shooting
these things, off hand? Would LOVE to have it going with out the 2 week
turnaround time to CA from here?I suspect the prechare circuit isn't
working.?The fan never runs a few seconds and shuts off like my 450 USED to.
I can live with a bit of thermal cutback for now, or until I get my T Wrecks
back.ALSO dead, before I dropped it off at Petes back in July.Squalid State
controllers, like TV sets and computers, are nice when they WORK. Will
somebody just BUILD me a good electric car!!!!!!!I can buy, and NOT being
working ALL the time on. Sigh. I woulda rather have gone SAILING
today(Smooth, trouble free wind power!), on Wrong Island Sound! The last
weak the weather has been better than purfect; God Blessed America! THIS
part! 70's each day,50's at night. IF it'll hold for our EAA Meeting on



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