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Re: [EVDL] DMV & Insurance

I agree with this, but be aware, some insurance companies will use any
excuse they can to not pay a claim. If you did not tell them that the car
was converted to electricity they may try to claim that you breached the
insurance contract and not pay.
I had this problem on a truck that I had converted to propane. The insurance
company will place a risk estimate on the vehicle that you insure and charge
premiums to match. If you change the vehicle substantially, you change this
risk premium and they can use that as an excuse to not pay.
Drive very carefully!

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Subject: [EVDL] DMV & Insurance

> Hi,
> This comes up regularly, the best way to get your tag & insurance is to
just say what your vehicle is, I learned this the hard way about 30 years
ago. It really doesn't matter whether it runs on gas, electric or horse
crap, don't confuse the beaurocrats. Instead of being real proud of what
you did on your Frankenfurter, Gonculator or Blivetmobile, just say you need
a tag/insurance for your boring Geo Metro.
> Also it's generally not worth getting more than liability on a conversion
and most won't offer it on an unknown converted vehicle contents. I figure
if it gets crunched, I'll strip it and get another carcass. I have Erie and
also helps to have your house, motorcycle etc with one company, they are
less fussy then.
> Have a renewable energy day,
> Mark
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