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Re: [EVDL] DMV & Insurance

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Re: [EVDL] DMV & Insurance

Apparently it varies per state or company or even per
representative (read: local franchise) of that company.
I insured my S10 as my second car on my existing car
insurance with Farmers (already had my Prius on there)
Explained that it really was a US Electricar, showed the
info such as the license saying make = USELE" and the
guy walked with me to the car, also displaying the
US Electricar lettering on 3 sides; only the grille
still has the Chevy bowtie.
He thought a bit how to enter it into his system, then
(because I only wanted liability insurance) he filled out
it is a 1994 Chevy S10, the VIN said it has a 4-banger,
so on my insurance papers it has a 4-cylinder and I pay
$20 per month for my EV insurance, including multi-car
discount, renters insurance discount, good driver and a
few other discounts.
I keep the evidence that this car has always been an EV,
so they can never say I mis-represented it.


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> This comes up regularly, the best way to get your tag & insurance is
> to just say what your vehicle is, ... just say you need a
> tag/insurance for your boring Geo Metro.

In Ontario at least, that's not an option. *Every* insurance company I talked to (5 or 6) specifically asked whether the vehicle had been modified. Seems to be industry practice.

So simply "omitting" the fact that it's a conversion isn't possible - you'd have to lie outright (and risk being denied coverage if you ever need it).

I'm with Jim L on this one: better to be upfront and ensure it's on record that the company knows what they're covering.


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