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Re: [EVDL] DOH! List *WAS* Daily driver vs. hobby: EV reliabilityissues & OEM mass pr


If my DOH moment was in an EV instead of an old Mercedes 240D I would
have the cake. I used contact cleaner that I thought was fire proof to
clean the switch contacts for the air conditioning behind the dash. It
was about 115 plus degrees F, so most of the cleaner vaporized really
well. When I thought the contacts were clean, I turned the key on,
moved the ac switch, heard a spark, felt some heat, ducked down, whosh,
a fire ball spread and exited the car, I got out, papers were on fire
under the driver's seat, liquid behind the dash was on fire. I got the
small flames out, collected myself, and drove home. I was nervous for a
day or so as I thought about what a mistake and close call I pulled off.

Oops, now most of you will not let me get close to your cars.


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> I can add the following 'D'OH!' moments to the list...

I would be willing to compile a list of DOH! moments for the EVDL
Library if folks post them to this thread... I really could have used
(still could!) a list like "How I Killed My First Pack" along with
"How I Did NOT Kill My Second Pack"! This stuff is largely in the
FAQs, but scattered around and perhaps the importance of some items
could be emphasized more.

Here's just a few of my DOH! moments for amusement.

1. Not installing a battery monitoring system the moment I read about
the concept, like folks on the list told me to (dying pack)
2. Figuring out the difference between 2nd and 4th gear in a VW.
(Why won't it GO? said my husband as he got out of the car to walk)
3. Pouring brake fluid into the reservoir for the heating system (it
*did* say brake fluid on the reservoir lid)
4. Not keeping the terminals tight, and melting a battery post
5. Not fixing the bad combination of not-so-smart charger and no
e-meter like folks on the list told me to (dying pack)
6. Breaking the hood latch, then forgetting that fact and closing the
hood (how do you fix a hood latch when the hood won't open?)

I figure my role in my local EAA club is to provide comic relief ;-)
and be living proof that anyone can drive one of these cars with some
determination and the help of fellow EV'ers.

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