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Re: [EVDL] Doughnuts are Quiet

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Re: [EVDL] Doughnuts are Quiet


Is the MTC-4001 equivalent to the ADC 9"? Specifically, do you think
this trick would work with an ADC 9" and Cursit 1231C? I've
rationalized the squeal as my "pedestrian warning device", but it still
drives me nuts.

Isn't #2 wire difficult to wrap? And how did you attach the Hanson
Device to the motor/controller/wires?


Mark Hanson wrote:
> Hi, I wound 16' or #2 wire, about 16 turns 200uH (2.5milli-ohms) on a dual
> doughnut figure 8 core (from a carbon arc light <used to work for rock bands
> in a previous life-form>). The 2kHz PMC 25 was *dead silent* into the 150uH
> prestolite MTC-4001 motor. It must take the edge off the pulses into the
> motor and eliminate lamination flabulation. Now I can have a real efficient
> low frequency control that's quiet too. (I didn't even need rubber poochies
> on the choke.) Should I call it the "Hanson Effect"?

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