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Re: [EVDL] drop out of high school in 9th grade. (Tommey Reed)

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Re: [EVDL] drop out of high school in 9th grade. (Tommey Reed)

<<< A magnet motor would be more? efficient then a ac/dc
field?armature motor, having permanent magnets around a rotor is one
way to get better efficiency and no heat around the rotor.
This would be a brush less ac or dc motor, using pulse on outer field
with a special controller.
Not only would this be a great idea, its also a generator too.
Sorry if my writing is bad,?I do my best and try to learn from your
letters. >>>

Ah, yes, "magnet motor"...I was wondering when you'd get around to
using that term!

As for your writing, it is simply a matter of reading and editing what
you have typed *before* you hit send - treat it like you found it in a
newspaper and you'll understand why others may question your
thoroughness as an engineer or mechanic.

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