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Re: [EVDL] East coast science teacher in Phoenix hoping to show students a custom bui

Hi there,
Never underestimate the power of a good group
activity to get the kids thinking in the right mode. =

I realize that you won't be with kids on this trip,
but here's a lesson if you'd like. Also, Ryan Stotts
has a good powerpoint presentation I put together that
shows all of the OEM EVs.
1) What does it say a person values when they spend
$30-40,000 on a vehicle that gets 8-12 miles per
gallon of gasoline?

2) What does it say a person values when they spend
$30-40,000 on a vehicle that emits no pollution?

3) Why do you think that there has not been wider
acceptance of electric vehicles nationwide?

4) Where is energy used in a combustion (gas burning)
vehicle which doesn=92t wind up making the wheels go

5) Where is energy used in an electric vehicle which
doesn=92t wind up making the wheels go around?

6) What would be some of the global results of more
people driving electric vehicles?

7) Our government predicts that we will run out of
gasoline between 2025 and 2050. Do you think it is
fair, or wise, that adults are now driving the
largest, least fuel efficient cars possible? Explain.

8) Fuel efficiency is how far a car can go on one
gallon of gas. The more fuel efficient you are, the
farther you can go, and the less money you=92ll pay. =

Right now, our government leaders let automakers
choose how fuel efficient to make their cars. Why is
this a concern?

9) A hybrid vehicle is a car that can run off of
batteries for awhile, then switch to electric when the
batteries get low, to drive while recharging! What
might be some advantages to driving this type of car?

10) There are hundreds of parts in a gas-burning
vehicle, but only three in an electric vehicle. How
do you think the reliability of the two would compare?

11) A hybrid vehicle is a car that can run off
batteries, gasoline, or both. Why might the US
military want to switch to hybrid vehicles? In other
words, how might it help our national security?

12) To be the most environmentally-friendly, what
type of power plant should provide the electricity for
electric vehicles?

13) It takes 700 pounds of lead acid batteries to
equal the energy of one gallon of gasoline.
It takes 350 pounds of nickel-metal hydride batteries
to equal the energy of one gallon of gasoline.
It takes 175 pounds of lithium ion polymer batteries
to equal the energy one gallon of gasoline. Which
batteries would you choose, and why?

14) Some people refer to this vehicle as solar
powered. Is it? What are three reasons it makes no
sense to put solar cells on the roof of the vehicle?

15) What are several jobs that might be lost with more
widespread purchase of electric vehicles?

Students are heterogenously grouped for the following
in groups of about 4. Assign them the following

You are asked to build a replica of the Honda
CivicWithACord. What factors will determine the
number of batteries you use?
(answers will include size, voltage rating of the
motor, weight of the batteries, whether I want to keep
the back seat, cargo capacity of the vehicle, brake
rating/stopping distance of the vehicle, etc. etc).

What factors will determine the _placement_ of those
(answers will include size of the compartment where
they are going, how it affects the suspension, can
they be anchored in case of crash? how much heat will
be given off when they charge? How will it affect the
steering/How will it affect emergency handling of the
vehicle? =


Prioritize the answers you've listed by number from

--- R Patterson <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hey all,
> =

> I've got my science in Phoenix for a science and
> engineering convention till
> Saturday, we're from the sticks of western NC and
> I'm hoping to someone
> living in the Phoenix area will be willing to swing
> by the Phoenix Hyatt and
> show off their handy work. I hope to start building
> either an EV go-cart or
> motorcycle this spring and would like to generate
> some excitement prior to
> the project.
> =

> Thanks,
> =

> Ralph.
> =

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