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Re: [EVDL] Electric + Pedal Power, Twikes etc

They aren't necessarily capable of 55 mph, but if you want economical e-assist
transportation and at a lower purchase price, Mark could consider to purchase a
velomobile, and put a Stokemonkey electric assist system on it. A well-designed
velomobile is capable of 20 mph with an average rider, and with 200 watts of
assist in the Stokemonkey, 35 mph with human bean added is possible (on flat
ground). Get one of those honking 1000 watt hub motors and modify it yourself
for a clone-monkey design and 40 mph or 50 mph might be possible. Some of the
velomobiles have disk brakes, and they are almost all tadpole (reverse trike)

In cases such as the above, taking the lane is pretty darn important, because
you're now traveling at motorcycle speeds.

One caution, in some states in the USA, restrictions on e-assist are excessive,
while others are not. Consult your state and local ordinances before making a
purchase. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product.

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Suggest you reconsider a Twike if you need to get up to 55 to avoid flattening.
Back in `98 Gary Flo and I took one up to speed just to see what it would do. I
think we got it up to just about 55 before we ran out of runway (Alameda Naval
Air Station) and that was with both Gary and I pedalling our butts off and WITH
full electric assist. Plus i have frankly never felt comfortable with the
tricycle type design. Seemed stable enough but we did not attempt any high speed

turns or adverse weather operation. Regards, David Chapman.

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