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Re: [EVDL] Electric Sun Buggy (and interesting little ICE candidate for range extendi

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Re: [EVDL] Electric Sun Buggy (and interesting little ICE candidate for range extendi

Lee Hart skrev:
> ICE vehicles Electric vehicles
> ------------ -----------------
> fast slow
> noisy quiet
> dirty clean
> high maintenance low maintenance
> cheaper to buy cheaper to run
electric vehicle is slow??? I can't believe you said that Lee

and for the record zillavilla, no your project doesn't easily lend
itself to EV operation. enduring use is one of weaknesses that still
remain. trucking, bus'ing, etc
It could be done with a less than 10 minute recharge between each 2 hour
trip but I doubt you would like the logistic overhead and the
development cost/difficulty.
you might do a gas electric drive model like diesel electric trains and
get some ev benefits that way but it probably wouldn't be as easy as
your current builds.

For such and similar use I recently came across this interesting little
wankel motor (rotary):
called an Aixro XR50. 48 horses in a 15kg (33lbs) basketball size
package and from what they say a 200 hour racing operation between
maintenance which given limited range extending use in an EV might be a
very interesting little thing. it costs 5000$ but that's probably
subject to change if someone actually buys it


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