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Re: [EVDL] [ElectricMotorcycles] Inspection Woes

Congrats! Fine looking vehicle construction and
license perseverance.
[email protected] & GoWheel staff

--- Mark Eidson <[email protected]> wrote:
Finally some good news. Arizona MVD Enforcement
decided that they could inspect my bike,
and assign and apply a Special AZ Vehicle Number. I
took the inspection documents to a different location
where they added up my receipts to determine the
amount of Motor Vehicle Bond I would have to get
before I could get my title. The Bond is required
since there was no previous documentation for the
vehicle and is refundable after 3 years.
The Bond was for 1.5x the sum of the receipts. So I'm
off to my insurance agent to get the bond and
insurance. The bond cost 1% of the 1.5x
total......about $100 and thanks to the
recommendations of this group the 13HP Electric
Motorcycle was easily added to my current home and
car package with State Farm with all the same
coverages. Then I'm back to MVD to get
the title and liscense to be pleasently supprised
with the $9.25 registration fee and no smog test
requirement. AZ seems to be a bit more progressive
that I anticipated. If it does not look like rain
tommorow I finally get to drive it to work. me

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