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Re: [EVDL] Energy Economy Technological Advancement & EVs

I hear this so often, mostly from ICE enthusiasts, *actually, there
were several major factors involved:* First was the advent of the modern
chain drive bicycle. They were a bigger innovation than the "Frisbee" With
riding clubs, and "Rallies" and such, but the roads in towns were "Graded
smooth" and the roads between towns were wagon paths, the bike riders
lobbied the politians and had the rural roads improved.with grading and
gravel. Secondly Henry Ford and others produced inexpensive liquid fueled
cars, under $ 200 compared to a Baker at $2,500,. Still, (3) the electrics
had limited range and were fine "Towne Cars" but those open roads to the
next town invited GAS *extended range* vehicles. (4)this all happened after
1900, by 1912 starters allowed "Dandies" to start a gas car, But electrics
were the favorites of the Ladies, Henry Ford's wife drove an Electric! (5)
The Electrics were still higher priced than gas cars when the crash of 1929
and the "Great Depression" ended the Electric auto business, Studebaker and
some other electric brands switched to gas. Baker is a Fork lift and
industrial electric pallet-jack, and Tow-motor manufacturer still in
business,( mergers have changed their name.)
*So, you see it was not JUST the electric starter in the 1912 Cadillac
that changed it all!*
* *Regards,
Dennis Lee Miles (Director) E.V.T.I. inc.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM* (Adviser) EVTI-EVA Education Chapter
Phone (863) 944 - 9913
lektwik <[email protected]> wrote:

> One key factor not mentioned is the fact that, ironically, the
> invention and implementation of the electric starter motor for the ICE
> vehicles of the time most probably was the major factor in the early
> vehicle market leading to the demise of EV production.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------=

It=92s estimated that the existing U.S. electrical grid has sufficient
to fully fuel three-quarters of the nation=92s 217 million passenger
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