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Re: [EVDL] EV articles

<<< Nice car. But WHY does it have a full radiate? Grill, all that? You
SHOULD fair the head end off clean! No grill or open to the air thing. I
think it was a gas car that they are trying top pass off as an Electric.Not
a bad looking car, just 'ain't Electric! >>>

That's how the Chinese (and other just about every one else) make most
EVs - take an ICE version, swap what is needed to make it electric,
don't engineer a ground-up version (although I am sure they would
gladly do a knock-off of the Tesla or EV1 if you let them copy one);
it's similar to what Ford did with their Ranger, but as an owner of
one of these, it works pretty well for what it is - more than I can
say for an electric scooter that had obvious relics from its ICE
origins (and died in just a few hundred miles).

<<< Not a product yet, but they are getting close: >>>

My town had a fleet of lithium-powered Hyper-minis and Altras on lease
from Nissan - all hauled away a few years ago, don't know if they got
crushed, but they would have been highly marketable: a 2-seat microcar
that topped out over 50mph and a mid-sized station wagon that looked
like any other ICE on the road. The tiny car may have only gone
50-60mi, but the bigger car supposedly went over 100mi per charge.

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