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Re: [EVDL] EV Digest, Vol 3, Issue 79

I find that a bit scary. A 120V AC circuit is wired
to either the red or the black at the main, plus the
neutral bar. A 240V circuit is wired to the red _and_
the black, plus a ground. I'm a bit uneasy about what
is, at best, a split ground. It may be perfectly
safe, but I'd need a lot more corroboration than they
offer at the quick220 site before I'd trust it. BTW,
what they seem to claim is meeting UL 1363, not OSHA
standards. Citing 1363 as the applicable standard
seems to be somewhat of a stretch:
"1 Scope

1.1 These requirements cover cord-connected,
relocatable power taps rated 250 V AC or less and 20 A
AC or less. A relocatable power tap (RPT) is intended
only for indoor use as a temporary extension of a
grounding alternating-current branch circuit for
general use."


"storm connors" wrote:
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>This ad came up with this discussion:
> to allow you to
use >2 110v outlets
> on
>opposite legs for 220. They imply it's OSHA approved.

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