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Re: [EVDL] EV Digest, Vol 39, Issue 20

Hi Roland:

Sorry to correct you but there is no "T" (for Trojan) in the U.S. Battery
Mfg. Company's product names. They are US125 XC and US145 XC

Please not that that we install any battery terminal that is possible, if so
ordered from the factory.

Please see the following link for the terminals:


Nawaz Qureshi
VP of Engineering and Technology

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Fax: 951-371-4671

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Hello Bill,

> Roland,
> 24 of 32 is only 75 percent.

Its 24 out of the 30 in the pack.

> What application did they last 8.5 years ?

The batteries are in a epoxy coated fiberglass box that was triple
insulated. One layer of 2 inch insulation over the box. A layer of foam
back marine carpet over that. The box is place in a pickup bed that has a 1

inch foam insulation on the bottom and 2 inch foam insulation on the sides
and also was cover with a foam back marine carpet.

A hatch back cover was built which was modified panels for a GM hatch back.
There is also a trunk type seal for the hatch and triple rubber seals on the

battery box cover.

My last set of batteries that I had before I had the Trojans, had Hydro
Cells on them and could not install them in this 12 inch high battery box,
so the Hydro Cell Co. said to put in a ventilation system that exhaust the
air from the box, while bringing in filter air in.

This EV is always park inside a garage that maintains 70+ F. While
charging, the fans bring in 70+ F. air while the garage door is crack open
about 2 inches. During the winter, I have a acid proof exhaust hose that
goes on the exhaust port which extends out like a exhaust pipe and to a port

on the garage door.

The garage doors are insulated for 19-R, the walls are at 45-R, and the
ceiling at 117-R. There is a 5kw electric overhead heater, but last winter
it never came on. The overhead lights if all are on, can circulated the
heat down to the floor which can raise the temperature to 80 F. if the
outside temperature is 0 F.

The formula for calculating heat loss-gain is:

Btur's = exterial square foot x (1/R-factor) x Temperature Difference
between the inside of a building and the outside.

A layer of 1/2 thick of baking soda is place in the box for the batteries to

set on. The combination of constant 70+ F, filter dry exhaust air, and the
soda has kept these batteries very clean.

> What was the depth of discharge for the majority of cycles during those
> 8.5 years ?

My depth of discharge was between 80% to 90% State of Charge (SOC) or from
100% SOC at 6.37V at 1.277 SG to about 6.25V at 1.238 SG. My daily drive was

about 1.1 miles and two 5.4 miles drives a week.

> Which Trojans batteries are you using ?

I was using the Trojans T-145's that came with the low profile posts. The
bolt studs started to rotate and/or pull out at only a 75 torque. So

I was able to clamp on positive repair battery clamp around the pad which is

about 3/8 inch high. These battery clamps are plated gold battery clamp
that has ring grooves and 1/2 inch high.

I could torque these battery clamps to 120 in.lbs or 10 ft.lbs over this
small pad which then put internal pressure on the head of the bolt stud.
The battery clamp was about 1/8 inch higher then the battery pad, so I fill
that space with a lead washer which I made from a solid lead wire that you
can get at a fish and tackle store.

I then could then put downward pressure on this battery clamp by tightening
a SS washer and nut to 75 in.lbs.

You can get these battery clamps from the Wirth Company at
I use the positive only #22206-7. Replace the 5/15" Wing Nut with a SS
washer, lock washer and nut.

> I am only talking about Trojan T145s and T125s.

> Trojan does not make them with standard round automotive posts, but US
> Battery does.

That why I using the US-T145s which I bought from my independent auto parts
store which been here since the 20's which they will only sell Interstate
batteries. The Interstate battery truck comes by once a week and delivers
the US-T125's and T145's. They deliver them right to my house on Sept 4,


> Menlo Park III, Bill
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