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Re: [EVDL] EV Digest, Vol 40, Issue 34 BIG EV NEEDED

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Re: [EVDL] EV Digest, Vol 40, Issue 34 BIG EV NEEDED

Large EVs for the Big & Tall


Phil's original post asked which glider vehicles to convert. A simple web
search gives

IMHO: Just converting a vehicle willy-nilly without knowing the owner's EV driving needs is the wrong way to approach the vehicle-to-convert selection process.

I have sent an email to Phil, asking him to find out from his customer the answers to the following questions:

-How far does he need to drive on his daily commute?

-How fast does he drive? What speed does he cruise on the highway?

-How many passengers will be with him on his daily commute, or what cargo will he be carrying?

-Will he be climbing any steep hills or mountains on this commute or are the route's roads mostly flat?

-Where and when will he recharge and with what type of power?


These are some of the same questions I ask the public at EV Shows/EVents who want to know if an EV will work for them. The answers give an idea of what their EV driving needs are. Then they can narrow what EV design in what vehicle platform will best suit their needs.

The majority of the public have been brainwashed by TV automobile ads, that one vehicle type does it all. So, then the public goes out and gathers all the details of what EV has what capability (speed, range, etc.) without first knowing what 'their' needs are. All that gathering without knowing what they need was a waste of their time and effort.

Back in 1990, I asked myself these same questions when I was looking for an EV. Of course, back then we did not have all the better choices we have now. Which is all the more reason to 'know' what your personal EV driving needs are before starting to gather EV facts of this one or that one (but Bruce, that takes all the fun out of it! - sorry, homework first, then the EV will be usable to you).

While EVDL members did post some vehicle suggestions, I hope Phil will reply to my email with the answers to the questions I asked him. The answers will narrow the glider vehicles that will better suited his customer's EV driving needs.

Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter

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