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Re: [EVDL] EV names tell Automakers' mood are different, but do they know how to sell

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Re: [EVDL] EV names tell Automakers' mood are different, but do they know how to sell

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Subject: Re: [EVDL] EV names tell Automakers' mood are different,but do they
know how to sell an EV?

I wonder why so few modern electric vehicle companies adopt the word
"electric" in their names?
And the one company that does, "Detroit Electric", opportunistically use the
name of the most widely known early electric car. I suppose there are
others that also use the word in their name, but I can't think of any
Contrast this to a century ago when you had electric vehicle manufacturers
happily incorporating the word electric into their cars' names:
* Milburn Light Electric
* Chicago Electric
* Baker Electric
* Columbia Electric
* Detroit Electric

All the above names are the name of the company that the car is label after.

One day I went to a car dealer and ask them that I wanted to look at a
General Motor Company vehicle. They said, what kind. I said a General Motor
Company vehicle that is name after the company. They said, we do not have
any. I said, what is that vehicle that has GMC on the front grill? Oh, I
did not notice it that way.

On my EV call TRANSFORMER I, there is a emblem that has large letters saying
EFP with small letters that says, Electric Fuel Propulsion Company. People
ask, what is a TRANSFORMER I? I said that it transforms the electricity
from AC commercial power to a DC power to charge a battery, which then is
transform again from a DC battery pack to a drive motor.

I lot of people ask me, how far does it go? I tell them it's now be going
for 35 years unlike the vehicles that a person may get every 5 to 10 years
of there vehicle. I do not trade it in for a new one, I upgrade it just
like is done with a computer or a house.


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