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Re: [EVDL] EVnews: Hertz&Enterprise Coda EVs, Spainish Think, Tata EVX, CARe 500, au

Since I am not just interested in what Hertz is offering,
but want to show my interest as customer in EVs
I sent them an inquiry for future rental, asking when and where
they will have the Coda available and at what rate.

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Subject: [EVDL] EVnews: Hertz&Enterprise Coda EVs, Spainish Think, Tata EVX=
,CARe 500, au i-MiEV +
26th of November 2010 Daniel Patrascu
... Hertz announced ... it will be bringing into its fleet in California
the Coda sedan electric vehicle. The vehicle uses a 33.8 kWh battery pack
with active thermal management that allows it to offer a range of between
90 and 120 miles (145 and 193 km), depending on the season.
[image] Hertz To Rent Coda EV Sedan in California Nov 25, 2010 ...
PARK RIDGE, New Jersey - ... Coda Automotive ... to provide its China-
built Coda sedan at the rental car's California locations ... starting ...
the second half of 2011 ... The Coda sedan is basically a battery-powered
derivative of the six-year-old Hafei Saibao, a compact sedan that was
designed by Pininfarina ... and went on sale in China in 2005
Hertz, Enterprise add SM-based CODA to EV fleet =

By Daily Press Staff November 26, 2010
BROADWAY - [The] ... Santa Monica-based CODA Automotive's all-electric
sedan ... The four-door, five-passenger vehicle can plug into standard
outlets and gets 90-120 miles per six-hour charge. A shorter, two-hour
charge can give it 40 miles of driving ...
[image] Think City Finds [EV success across Spain]
25th of November 2010 Daniel Patrascu
... Think City, is selling like hotcakes in Spain ... is readily available
and fully air-conditioned ... can achieve a top speed of only 100 km/hour
(62 mph) and sprints from naught to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds. During summer
and with the heater off, Think can travel in between 170 km (105 miles)
and 203 km (126 miles).
[image Think starts U.S. production] November 28, 2010
ELKHART, Ind. (AP) ... 300 cars should roll off the [Elkhart] assembly =

before the end of [2010] ... 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles [in 2011] ... the
plant has 11 employees now and plans to have 25 by the end of the year.
When the plant is in full production in 2013, the plant will have 400
employees ... Workers in Elkhart install the lithium-ion battery, the
motor and gearbox, the seats, headlights and other components ... "We're
very confident in these vehicles. They've been running around in Europe
for a long time," ...
[image] Tata Motors Vista EVX takes top honours at the RAC Future Car
Challenge 24 Nov 2010 ... The Tata Indica Vista EVX ... can carry four
adults and hit 96km/h in about ten seconds ... lithium-ion phosphate
battery capacity ... calculates into an operating range of 257.4km on a
single charge translating into a phenomenal plug-to-wheel efficiency
figure of 74 kmpl. The Vista EVX will be manufactured in the UK and it is
expected to go on sale in Europe sometime in 2011 ...
[image CARe 500, a Fiat 500 converted by Swedish firm EV Adapt.]
EVWorldwire PRESS RELEASE 28 Nov 2010
HAMBURG, GERMANY - CARe 500 ... is available from 23,900 euros ...
batteries ... [are leased for] 150 euros per month, which includes a
flat-rate fee for electricity. Alternatively, the CARe 500 is available
with batteries from 36,900 euros. Various subsidies can also be
subtracted from this price. The CARe 500 ... is available immediately ...
[has] a range of 120 km and a maximum speed of 120 km/h ... recharges in
6 to 8 hours using a normal 230 V power socket ...
[Copyright 1998-2010,, Inc. All rights reserved.]
Electric car debuts in Albury KATE COUGHLAN 27 Nov, 2010
THE Border's first electric car ... Hume Building Society and Baker Motors
will share the i-MiEV as part of their company fleets over the next three
years. ... Charge stations at Hume and Baker Motors will charge the car in
eight hours, with green power supplied by Better Place ... The vehicle
costs $65,000, with hire of the charge station costing $50 a month ...
With a range of 160 kilometres [Copyright =A9 2010. Fairfax Media]
November 28, 2010 BY JESSICA ANNE D. HERMOSA, Senior Reporter
Meralco looking to offer electric tricycles ... Manila Electric Co ...
to produce a cheap plug-in tricycle ... that use sidecars similar to
the traditional fuel-powered models ... Meralco is willing to
provide charging stations ... [the Energy department said it would
need 20,000 electric tricycles ... to convert a tenth of Metro
Manila's gasoline-powered fleet.]
[image ]
[image] Nov 26, 2010 By Chuck Howitt WATERLOO - ... Accelerated ...
electric lawn tractors, self-propelled lawn mowers, bikes, scooters and
motorcycles ... Home Hardware [ ] ...
plans to start selling [their electric lawn tractors] in stores across
the country next spring ... It features motors in each wheel, batteries
front and back and four controllers to manage the power delivered to each
motor ... The tractor will be sold under the label, TriVector Systems
[ <> ] ... Accelerated ... m=
akes motor controllers,
drive trains and electronic components ... Accelerated's technology
and products ... qualified for $940,000 from the National Research
Council to do research and development in advanced drive-train
technology. The money will help the company develop a smaller, lighter
100-kilowatt drive train that uses less energy. In April, it received
$154,000 from FedDev Ontario to build a new testing lab, hire staff and pur=
chase software ...
[image] GV Triac EV $25k 100mi-range 80mph-ts

EVnews: 11/19/2010


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