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Re: [EVDL] EVnews: Joule minivan, BlueOn, Nano-EV, Saab-ePower, Focus-EV, cooled li-i

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Re: [EVDL] EVnews: Joule minivan, BlueOn, Nano-EV, Saab-ePower, Focus-EV, cooled li-i

Bruce Parmenter wrote:
>SAAB said it will debut its first all-electric car at the Paris auto show.
>By Hiawatha Bray Globe Staff / September 18, 2010 =

>The Swedish automaker Saab Automotive AB is about to unveil =

>its first all-electric vehicle, which is powered by a battery =

>from Boston-Power Inc. of Westborough. The Saab 9-3 ePower =

>sport wagon will debut Sept. 30 at the Paris Auto Show [...] =

>fitted with a 184-horsepower electric motor to drive the =

>vehicle's front wheels, along with a Boston-Power lithium-ion =

>battery pack. Saab expects the ePower to travel up to 124 =

>miles on a single charge. [...] accelerate from zero to 62 =

>miles per hour in 8.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 93 =

>miles per hour. [...] the Boston-Power battery is capable of =

>charging to full power in an hour, reaching 80 percent of =

>capacity in 30 minutes.
>..... =

Has anybody seen this Saab?
The claim by Boston Power is that their battery has the
highest energy density by volume, if I understand the
data correctly: 180Wh/kg, 420Wh/l
Has anybody experience with these batteries?

For those interested - it appears they are hiring so if
you want to work for a US battery maker...


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