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Re: [EVDL] final email about "problems Electro Automotive"

EVDL Administrator <[email protected]> wrote:

> The only solution I can see is for some open-minded hacker (in the good
> sense) to reverse engineer the Zivan firmware so users can tweak it
> themselves.
> David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
> EVDL Administrator
Well, there's two possibilities:

1. Rewrite the firmware
Usually people go to great lengths to protect the firmware in their
products. It's not, in general, possible to tweak or get at the existing
firmware. A totally new firmware has to be written based just on how the
circuit board looks and what components appear to be on it. That's not all
that easy with a two layer board but it's even harder with the ever popular
four layer "sandwich" boards. It's a lot easier if the existing firmware
were possible to snag somehow but I'll bet they've taken measures to thwart
that. It's hard to say though... maybe they think that the difficulty of
opening up the controller will be protection enough and haven't enabled
firmware protection? There's only one way to know for sure.

2. Figure out how the existing firmware accepts new charge profiles and
create the relevant hardware and software to do so. It's possible that the
charging profiles are actually part of the firmware. That would be a tough
thing to work around. Or, they might be stored in EEPROM which may or may
not be protected from reads/writes. My guess would be that the charging
parameters are stored in EEPROM. I'm going to further guess that they didn't
read/write protect the EEPROM as they'd likely want to be able to read the
current parameters off of the controller. However, if they've made the
firmware of the unit actually communicate some way with an external device
and program it's own EEPROM then they could have locked external
reads/writes to EEPROM.

The bottom line is that we'll never know for sure what the real situation is
until someone decides to have a warranty voiding day. Any takers? ;-)
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