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Re: [EVDL] final email about "problems Electro Automotive"

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Re: [EVDL] final email about "problems Electro Automotive"

Evan Tuer wrote:

> Paul Compton reverse engineered one of these chargers several
> years ago.

Careful; I think there is some confusion about which charger is being discussed. As I recall, Paul reverse engineered a Zivan (K-series, not even one of the current N-series models?), while the present discussion is about unhappiness with a charge profile in an ElCon charger (Chinese, made by HZTC).

(I believe the confusion arose because Greg Mcrea is ElCon, and has long been the Zivan rep in the US. It seems that before beginning to also distribute his own line of chargers (the private-labelled HZTC units) he garnered a reputation for not being very accomodating for Zivan users wanting the charge behaviour tweaked, and that he is no more accomodating these days for ElCon users.)



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