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Re: [EVDL] Firefly's press release

I actually got to meet Kurt Kelly, the designer behind the Firefly
battery, and a David (forgot last name, engineer there) at a battery
conference this summer - it sounds like this truck battery, or maybe the
next battery after it, has just one electrode (forget which) replaced by
their graphite system, and they hope to get both replaced in a following
iteration. These truck batteries don't seem quite designed for ev use yet,
unfortunately. It also sounded like they are working on a version of their
battery for hybrid applications, though we pure ev'ers are of course waiting
for a high energy rather than a high power battery.
Ironically enough, Kurt Kelly originally studied something like
ethnobiology to work with oil exploration to discover where lots of (little
or otherwise) animals died to better locate good oil drilling sites, but
likely due to Hubbert's (continental US) oil peak, predicted in 1950s and
verified in 1972 or something, oil drilling business took a nosedive and Mr.
Kelly ended up at Caterpillar (though I'm not exactly sure doing what, until
this came along).

my .8 cents worth of knowledge on this subject,

Seth Myers

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> I have some more hope than usual -- Firefly has some big-name partners,
> not to mention being a subsidiary of Caterpillar. For similar reasons I
> have better than usual hope for Tesla.
> I think their goal with the truck thing is to highlight to investors they
> are going after a brand new market, rather than trying to displace current
> battery sales. A law is changing trucker's battery needs. They probably
> can't make it on price (at least not initially), so they have to show a
> need for more $$ for this better battery. Also, Firefly does list lots of
> other markets on their website.
> I'm also glad to see they are trying to be the cheap "exotic" battery.
> Hopefully they'll have similar energy density to A123, and power density
> enough to get you 400 hp (300 kW) out of 400 lbs (~200 kg) of batteries.
> (Hopeful specs made up by assuming Fireflys will be 1/3 the weight of
> Optimas, but similar power and energy).
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> ... What seems strange is they focused on explaining this trucker market,
> even though boats, RVs, electric cars, solar installations, medical
> equipment, etc could all make great use of such a technology and
> there's plenty of money in these markets. Or just explaining that with
> the rising cost of lead your technology may eventually be essential to
> making economical lead-acid batteries too. ...

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