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Re: [EVDL] Found on a blog site... least expensive LifePO4 GO Taiwan!

I requested a price for 1000 of these 10Ah cells but got a 45$ price.
pretty far from the 15$ mark. I'm inquiring him about this 15$ rumor and
I will let you know how he responds


Stuart Friedrich and Wendy Lyn wrote:
> I tracked down a web site which appears to be getting ready to sell packs using Chang's 40138 LiFePO4 cells: They have a technical paper you can download with cell and pack information. On the page that gives prices, a 24V/40AH pack with BMS and charger has a price of US$2415, which is nowhere near $0.42/Wh. I don't see a price for individual cells without BMS.
>> From: [email protected]> To: [email protected]> Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 10:59:20 -0400> Subject: Re: [EVDL] Found on a blog site... least expensive LifePO4 GO Taiwan!> > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Evan Tuer" <[email protected]>> To: "Electric Vehicle Discussion List" <[email protected]>> Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 3:48 AM> Subject: Re: [EVDL] Found on a blog site... least expensive LifePO4> > > > On 8/19/07, Timothy Balcer <[email protected]> wrote:> >> So, a fellow claims he spoke with teh CEO of a battery/battery> >> component company in Taiwan called Changs Ascending and he said that> >> they have a 10AH LiFePO4 battery they will soon be selling for $15,> >> which comes out to about $0.42/Wh.. cheaper than Thundersky by a large> >> margin.> >> > I bought a pack of 10AH LiFePo4 cells from a Chinese vendor, it works> > out to about $30 each but this is with them connected, packaged and> > with a simple BMS which does cell balancing and voltage level base!
> > > protection. Working well so far.> >> Hi EVerybody;> > Glad to see Taiwan chiming in here. I would be more inclined to trust > Taiwan than Mainland China, for batteri. Their quality track record is a > hellova lot better than Big China!I have friends there and here that could > help talk to the good folks there. Maybe could hook up with Chang's > Ascending and keep him ascending?China is only a fone call away, > nowadaze!Taiwan? All area codes, just dial 'em up!> > Just a thought.> > Bob, looking for bettrer badd-eries, too> > _______________________________________________> > For subscription options, see> >> >> >> > -- > > Internal Virus Database is out-of-date.> > Checked by AVG Free Edition.> > Version: 7.5.476 / Virus Database: 269.11.15/949 - Release Date: 8/12/2007 > > 11:03 AM> >> > > > _______________________________________________> For subscription options, see>
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