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Re: [EVDL] FW: Copyright Notice & Public Domain Myth

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Re: [EVDL] FW: Copyright Notice & Public Domain Myth

In good faith and within the guidelines of the EVDL, I consider
everything I post on this list as having been released to the "Public
Domain" and you are welcome to quote all or part or incorporate it into a
more extensive work without restraint.
I thank you politely for your praise. (I don't know why Eric sets me
off with his comments, perhaps I should simply ignore him? But, then I
think we are simply too much alike and that we can not change. Please
consider us "Entertainment" like a wreck at the race track.) I apologies to
all on this list for my Attitude on my last post. I will try to be more
mature and ignore those with whom I have no good rapport.
Dennis Lee Miles (Director) E.V.T.I. inc.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM* (Adviser) EVTI-EVA Education Chapter
Phone (863) 944 - 9913

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 6:41 AM, Douglas A. Stansfield <
[email protected]> wrote:

> Dear Dennis,
> It the spirit of "goodwill" and not to "steal" your copyrighted work. I
> have a portion of the J1772 connection diagram on my website that you
> created. I figured this out based on an EVDL post of Dave Rodin that the
> source was actually you. I got it from someone else that didn't have your
> name on it so I didn't know it came from you. Therefore, can I have your
> permission to leave it up on the website? I have sold a few J1772s and
> send
> that document with them. I now use the PDF from the EVDL archives.
> I get the gist from this post that you would consider it public domain for
> me using it. Please give me your blessing on this and I will continue to
> use your excellent work. It is the original document from the EVDL
> archives
> that credits you as having written it.
> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely;
> Douglas A. Stansfield
> President
> 973-875-6276 (office)
> 973-670-9208 (cell)
> 973-440-1619 (fax)
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