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Re: [EVDL] Fw: Re: best battery racks

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Re: [EVDL] Fw: Re: best battery racks

harry henderson wrote:
> thanks for everyones help and i agree fiberglass would be great,
> however i'm put the batteries into strange places and i plan to
> combine the battery racks and a reinforcing structure together.

Fiberglass actually make it easier to deal with odd mounting locations.
See my post about making a box out of styrafoam, fiberglass cloth, and
epoxy resin.

Make some mock-up batteries from cardboard boxes, so you can test-fit
them in various locations. Get some sheets of 1/4" to 1" thick styrafoam
insulating board. Make boxes, and "whittle" them to fit in your intended
locations. Duct tape them together temporarily.

Apply fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin (I like West Systems epoxy).
Epoxy is very strong, won't attack the styrafoam, doesn't smell, and
isn't as toxic if you get it on your hands. Do the inside first, then
you can pull off your temporary tape, and do the outside as well. You
will have an exceptionally strong light acid-proof box that is also good
electrical and thermal insulation.

Attach it to the car with bolts; don't depend on epoxy to glue it to the
metal car body. Where the bolts go, replace the styrafoam core with a
metal plate or fiberglass.
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