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Re: [EVDL] Fwd: [seva] Battery Electric Motorcycle places 2nd against Gas Heavyweight

Totally awesome! Does anyone have more information on the bike's setup? I'm curious on what kind of UQM motor, what controller, and what batteries (and how many).


Steven Lough wrote:

> From our friend Stephen Johnsen of Manzanita Micro
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> Subject: [seva] Battery Electric Motorcycle places 2nd against Gas
> Heavyweight Superbikes in a historic victory in California! AWESOME!
> Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 13:47:43 -0800
> From: HPEV LLC <[email protected]>
> Reply-To: SEVA <[email protected]>
> To: SEVA <[email protected]>
> Chip Yates lithium powered all-electric motorcycle blasts past countless
> gasoline powered racing motorcycles as he battled his way up to the
> front of the pack to take a 2nd place win at the at the Auto Club
> Speedway in Fontana, California. Sunday January 9, 2010 will go down in
> the history books as the day a battery powered motorcycle beat high
> power gas bikes in a normally all gasoline motorcycle racing event! This
> was the very first time that Chip's #89 Swigz racing bike ever raced in
> such an event and it got podium positions in two races taking both a 2nd
> and 3rd place!
> This is the type of news that makes me extremely excited because there
> were no special rules or treatment given to the electric bike by
> officials and it was a genuine head-to-head race against the usual
> petroleum powered monster bikes that race in the heavyweight superbike
> class! They say that seeing is believing and just think of all the
> motorcycle fans who will take note of the extreme power and fun that an
> all electric powertrain can offer!
> Check out the YouTube video taken from a camera mounted on Chip's
> powerful electric motorcycle as he speeds through the track at speeds up
> to 158mph! Yates began near the back of the lineup at the start of the
> race and had to work his way past many other gas powered bikes in order
> to get up toward the front to gain his 2nd place win. It's an
> exhilarating video where you can hear the whine from the UQM Brushless
> DC Motor and witness the incredible torque and acceleration of the
> electric bike. Watch as Chip lifts the front wheel up a few times when
> under heavy acceleration even when he's already going fast! Electric
> vehicle aficionados are also sure to smile as he passes the gasoline
> bikes sometimes even on the outside of corners!
> Chip Yates and the Swigz racing team had initially planned to race in
> the all-electric TTXGP motorcycle series as well as a special FIM
> electric racing event but weight restrictions that were imposed
> prevented the #89 bike from participating as it was a tad bit over the
> limit. Chip didn't let this stop him and decided to simply go
> head-to-head against gas powered motorcycles! They say "when life gives
> you lemons make lemonade" and if life gives you lithium batteries and a
> motor/controller package capable of nearly 200HP and 300 pound feet of
> torque, well... make history and beat some gas bikes at their own game!
> Way to go Chip Yates and team!
> -Stephen Johnsen-

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