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Re: [EVDL] Getting a bit OT - TS warnings, Re: New HEV and E...on an; on!

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Re: [EVDL] Getting a bit OT - TS warnings, Re: New HEV and E...on an; on!

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Snip A Bit

> If anybody with experience wants to build batteries, I can give you
> contacts
> for space and labor, the Chinese government would warmly welcome you.
> They
> have western style housing and schools all set up waiting to make you feel
> as comfortable as possible.

Hi EVerybody;

Following the Chinese QC thread here for a few daze, and where it's
going. Tieing it in with my "Eco nazi" rant of a few weaks ago where I went
off the deep end. Sorry, but Look here where the Chinese Govt realizes that
they have, or COULD have a good thing going? My thoughts what if the
CONNECTICUT Govt(HaHa) WHY do ya think I call it the Corrupticut Govt. Say,
offered , or Ohio, Idaho, Oregon. Pick a depressed place, Offered the same
deal. My rant about the folks in power couldn't HELP my battery guy here to
clean up his act, let him MAKE batteries here in CT, providing JOBS for
folks trying to live here? Obviously there is a market for locally produced
batteries, or he wouldn't have been making them here, in the first place?

China is a LOONG way away from here. FAR longer than my drive to the
Left Coast. The COST of boating stuff from there has sure to be going up?
With Boat Gas;#5 bunker fuel?isn't free.The Chinese Yacht Club,( Merchant
Marine) must feel the pinch? We in USA should think/buy local, especially
with heavy stuff ,like batteries? We, the world, spend SOO much time and
effort SHIPPING stuff!? Wall to Wall trux, on the highways, RR's trying to
add 2nd and 3rd trax to haul boxes from China. I was trying a few weaks ago,
to talk to a local battery guy about building ME some batteries that I was
gunna help design(Heavier inner cell connects, REAL posts, ) for EV use.
Have ya EVer looked INSIDE one of yur blown up batteries? OK? Maybe you
haven't blown up as many as I have<g>?" I blow stuff up so you don't have
to". Sorry John, couldn't resist! Wanted to make beefier stuff UNDER the
pretty plastic cover, feeling sure this is how alota BIG amp batteries are
made? This is when he went into his "Eco Nazi" tirade, I mean the battery
guy. Sigh. I guess lead is bad, But there MUST be ways to deal with it.
Hell. We have a Nuke power plant just down the road, works fine, and they
have BIG safety issues? You mean to say we couldn't clean up a little
battery plant? I mean IF we wanted to.

There is NOBODY at the helm of our Ship of State!State, National. We
gave away the store and PAID them to take it away! I speak from experiance,
I used to drive a freight train for Con Rail. I could spend the DAY going
from New Haven to Springfield MA 62 miles, Switching out the various
industries along the way, car here, cut of cars there.Where we USED to go
it's Wal*Mart parking lots, Sam's Klub, Etc. RR was sitting on Premo land,
BIG Stop and Shop(Local Stupermarket chain) Wherehouse, you drove the whole
damn train INSIDE! Now they truck the shit in. Sigh! Gone! NOBODY from Govt
high places TRYING to help? Much hand wringing, like me, but nothing DONE.

Has the State of Or. offered Rich and Otmar any buildings, tax breaks,
employee training? A nice factory in Manzanita, OR, for Rich<g>?A new shop
in Corvallis for Cafe Electric. Yeah! Dream on, but this is how Japan got
started, back when WE were driving Ford Falcons, and 55 Chevies, laffing at
the first Jokes Wagen Beetles. Til we discoverd the joys of owning cars that
liked to run, and were easy to fix, and had one of our own. And Toyota
Toyopets soon followed, Fair Ladies, Japan had a quirky penchant for names
like China is going through now?

By making stuff here China would SEE that IF they didn't clean up their
act WE would make stuff on our shores and they would be out of the loop?
Didya see yesterdaze NY Times? They USA TOY biz ( there STILL is one!) is
enjoying a pickup in biz. Stuff made HERE. Factories getting orders?
Gees!Whynot? I'll pay more for my Grandkid's new toys to see " Made in USA"
on them. Bring them ON! I think Lionel Trains are made in MI After QC issues
in China(trains were crap!)They USED to be made in Irvington NJ, with REAL
steel! And New Haven was home to American Flyers! Drove my train right by
the plant! Lionel trains were and are still expensive, but you get what ya
pay for? 50 years ago what kid didn't lust for the "Congressional" GG-1
powered Pennsy set? 75 bux! That was a few week's pay for the common man. So
I built my own HO train kits. Cheaper.Found out later on(midlife career
change) that you can have ALL the trains ya want, go to work for the RR(
the'll TRAIN the hell out of ya!) and do one-foot-to-the-foot scale, never
looked back! Applying their technology to ROAD vehicles

OK I'm getting off topic trying to make a point? Maybe A123 could make
them here?Or a Thunder Sky branch plant HERE? Make "Sunny Skys" <g>?Before
the Men in Black get here, I'll sign off!



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