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Re: [EVDL] Getting a bit OT - TS warnings, Re: New HEV and E...onan; on!

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Re: [EVDL] Getting a bit OT - TS warnings, Re: New HEV and E...onan; on!

Actually, you'd be surprised, having a clock shipped to me from Hong Kong
harbor doesn't cost me much more than having one shipped a couple hundred
miles from Wisconsin. Granted clocks don't weigh much, but containers are
not as weight sensitive as some forms of shipping, so it might not matter
much. The price of fuel for container ships probably won't tip the scales
back, but when companies come to the full realization that you can't
outsource production without supplying the knowledge to do the production
correctly, laying off all the skilled people was a bad move, and paying
westerners enough to uproot and move to China isn't cheap, then the scales
may tip back. We'll see. We are seeing the results of naieve bargain
hunting in the labor department right now. Recalls.

As far as customers being willing to pay more for products made in the USA?
I've got 6 Internet stores, and I can tell you, when it comes time to put
the money down, that only happens for high end stuff, a very small
percentage of the market. We do get a lot of people who don't ask, they buy
from the cheapest source, and then bitch about everything being made in
China. But they don't ask before they buy. At the consumer level, price
wins. Sam Walton was no fool. Don't expect the consumer to drive the issue
based on country of origin. If the quality is really terrible, maybe
quality will drive some change.

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