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Re: [EVDL] Gizmo EV "gearing"

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Re: [EVDL] Gizmo EV "gearing"

--- "David D. Nelson" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Jeff,
> I can't measure the diameter of the gear/pulley on
> the
> motor since it is with the motor at Jim H's shop. I
> was going to post pictures but I need a site to do
> so.

Hey David, all

Been meaning to reply to this thead just to busy for
my own good here 8^)

I'll measure the gear if needed and I can post pics at
my site but it'll probably be at least tomorrow night
before I can get any up.

In general this motor hasn't been real happy about its
job chugging up Davids hills 8^( The brushes started
passing current through the holders being the shunt
leads couldn't chug the current and they have lots of
what look like lightning bolt streaks along the brush

Luckily David did shut it down before cooking the
armature and brush ring 8^) but he'll toast it up
again if something isn't done to ease it's load a bit,
let alone keeping it cooler. Blower cooling at
minimum is needed. Being (I believe) David stated he
only nets about 27 MPH up the hill/s I felt that a
gear change would be needed to keep the RPM's up.

Anyway glad to see you here at the list David 8^)

I've dipped your armature and prepped a lot of it and
she'll be going out here soon BTW.

I'll post pics as soon as possible hoping it'll help
resolve some gearing issues or offer you some options.

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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