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Re: [EVDL] Gizmo EV "gearing"

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Re: [EVDL] Gizmo EV "gearing"

--- Jim Husted <[email protected]> wrote:
> I'll measure the gear if needed and I can post pics
> at
> my site but it'll probably be at least tomorrow
> night
> before I can get any up.

That is great to know.

> Luckily David did shut it down before cooking the
> armature and brush ring 8^) but he'll toast it up
> again if something isn't done to ease it's load a
> bit,
> let alone keeping it cooler. Blower cooling at
> minimum is needed.

I want to install an inflow blower since blowing cold
air will put more through than pulling warm air out
the other end. The only issue is that I have to be
careful to not short out the motor leads unless there
is some hi-temp plastic I can make a cowling with. I
know I need a brushless (no spark) fan since the
battery pack is near by. I also should probably draw
the air from somewhere other than over the batteries.

> Anyway glad to see you here at the list David 8^)

This is an awesome list. The energy here is much like
one of the open source software lists I belong too.
Thank you for suggesting I join.

> I've dipped your armature and prepped a lot of it
> and
> she'll be going out here soon BTW.

Yea! Now to get the gearing figured out.

David D. Nelson
[email protected]

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