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Re: [EVDL] Going to Palo Alto EV Rally?

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Re: [EVDL] Going to Palo Alto EV Rally?
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Re: [EVDL] Going to Palo Alto EV Rally?

My US Electricar S10 truck will be on display, I will
drive it to Palo Alto tomorrow morning, before I head out
to Promise Keepers in Fresno.
That will mean that I will not be back until about the
end of the show (same fate as last year).
Either my calendar is too full or I have bad luck in planning
things that I can't move to another date...
(and not going to Fresno is no option, I am the only
qualified driver for the Church van in the group).
So, if you stick around until really late, then you
may see me arrive at my e-Bike to pick up my e-truck,
ahem - Elec-truck.

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Anyone on the list attending? I hope to bring the following EVs for

2007 Toyota Yaris Conversion
1999 City Think factory EV
1996 Pivco City Bee factory Ev

For subscription options, see

For subscription options, see
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