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Re: [EVDL] Holloween EV story, more

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> The crowd was waiting for you to pull a donkey out of your trunk.
> Bob
> Jeff Shanab <[email protected]> wrote:
> For the life of my, why didn't I take a picture. in making this email>
> My black cat was getting fat so I put him outside when I got home from
> work. He didn't come back in and I couldn't find him the next morning. I
> gave up and began my commute. After about a mile I slowed from 50mph to
> the first stoplight (thank god it was red). Thats when I heard the
> wailing of a cat.
> I pulled off the road and found my black cat stuck half way out the
> front grill wedged up against the front battery rack, paws at ground
> level!
> I guess he slept on top of the battery pack and when the vacuum pump
> started panicked and got himself stuck. If it was an ICE, I never would
> of heard him. Quiet a spectacle me at a very busy intersection pulling a
> cat out of my grill, I had an audience.

Hi EVerybody;
Ya used up at least two of her lives!

My Black cat story is a far fetched, but real, one. About 35 years ago
I had a beautiful black cat, with the most golden eyes. I have never scene
another cat like that. She was given to me as a tiny kitten, she fit in one
of my mitts, just fine. She was fearless, Sissed out dogs many times her
size, sent they running, tail between their legs. She was like a dog, only
better; She didn't bark! Following me everywhere, EVen liked to ride in a
car. Took her to the Trolley Museaum, often, a great shop cat, but I would
have to cover her up when welding. She would just sit there and calmly
watch, welding, heating, hammering, never fazed her.

Among my many Museum duties was running Trolley car charters. We catered
to the local schools, and we had , oh, maybe 100 kindergarten kids show up
for a trolley ride. We have about a mile an' a half of track, to run our
collection of Vintage EV's. Sorta on topic, here<g>? I was running a big old
15 bench open car, a J.G. Brill product of Philly PA. 4, 25 HP GE motors,
drum controller series parallel, built in 1911. A REAL people mover! I
filled my car with the kids, and another member, George, was to follow in a
new car, built 1938, by the Third Ave RR co of NYC. Totally CLOSED car. This
figures in the story.

I rolled away, bells clanging, a few toots of the little chime whistle
we had on these cars, rolled merrily down the line, probably doing 30-35
mph, wide open I told the kids.Got to the end of the line, showed the kids
how to flip over the seats for the flight back. Decarred, Put up the front
pole, walked to the other end of the car"Changing Ends" is the terminology,
pulled down the rear pole, as I did, Geo rolled up in the NYC car. The kids
all saw Sis, my black cat come bounding up to my car" Oh Look at the cat"
they yelled! I said to Geo. " Oh ya brought Sis down with you" He looked at
me with a "huh' expression. " I have about 60 kids in this trolley, THEY
didn't see any cat"

We turned and looked at the NYC car. Could she ride on the steps? No
way, they folded up, by air pistons when the doors closed. NO way, there.
Here's cat logic for a damn smart cat: She saw me drive off in the trolley,
thinking" I missed the trolley, I'll just take the next car" She must not
have gotten to the car stop in time to just get on, like EVerybody else. She
MUST have clung onto something else UNDER the car? Sat on top of a traction
motor, air compresser, hung on to a starting resistor grid, although it
woulda toasted her tootsies? Brake rigging, as old trolleys have a series of
massive steel cranks, bars and levers to pull the brake shoes against the
wheels. Now she's under there, clinging to God knows what, motors growl,
with the streight cut gears, wheel flanges squeal around the curves. Air
compresser "Knok knok knok" for air brake pressure. Bang Bang- clank- clank,
as it is old jointed rail Music to us trolley buff's ears. Most likely
terrifying place for a cat to ride?

I had no problem getting the kids to hold Sis on the trip back, that Cat
look" You LEFT me back there!" She woulda liked to curl up on my scholder
while I ran the car, like when we go in the Auto.Cats DO like to ride in
cars, if you bring them up right? Trolley's too_Open the big door and she
bounds aboard.

That's MY black cat story, about a wonderful dear cat, of years ago. I
have never had a cat like Sis, again.God rest her little soul, as she had a
long and loving life.



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