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Re: [EVDL] How to help "move things forward"

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Re: [EVDL] How to help "move things forward"

<<<< This is probably a dumb question, but homebrew Evs don't use inductive
charging, right? It's just a washing machine plug, right? Or just a
standard indoor style plug? So how do you hook up to public charging
stations built for things like the EV1? >>>>

An Avcon connector can still be bought (making sure it's the Ford-emulator
model); go to the EV charging list and you'll see entries for inductive
(paddles), conductive (Avcon by default), and a few normal plug types (OC
listing). If you live where block heaters are used, you're set, but I'm more
than 1000mi from that kind of access (and I'd still need an Avcon box and 240V

For subscription options, see