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Re: [EVDL] Hybrid Platform - Battery Sidecar

From: Arak Leatham
> So what are the relative merits of this idea.
> Have a tractor kind of vehicle with only supercaps and hub motors
> in all wheels. Then a side car or trailer with all the required
> batteries for your shorter trip. The trailer would all have these
> same hub motors... Then you could exchange the trailer at home for
> a new pack or for the hybrid trailer if you take a longer trip.

It's an interesting idea. Like all innovative ideas, a lot depends on the details. Badly done, it's a failure. Well done, it could be great!

Here's an example of a somewhat similar approach.

The Yare was basically a 3-wheeler, with one front and two rear wheels. It was an ultra-light, ultra-streamlined teadrop. But it also had a trailer which contained the power plant (which could be a gasoline engine or electric drive). The trailer was completely contained inside the vehicle, so it had no effect aerodynamics; sort of like cutting out the floor of a conventional car and fitting a trailer inside the hole!

I saw the prototype in 1978. As I recall, the electric trailer connected to the car with two trailer hitches, and had two closely spaced wheels, which steered with the one front wheel with a mechanical linkage. This way he could back up with no problems.

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