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Re: [EVDL] Hybrid Technologies PT Cruiser Taxis (was: Walmart (Sam's Club) to be sell

Hi Peter,

> There was an article not too long ago where a bunch of PT Cruiser Taxis
> were returned to Hybrid Technologies because they did not perform as
> advertised. Here's a link to the article:

I can not find anything in the article that indicates there was more than
one test vehicle. Statements such as "The PT converted to lithium battery
power by Hybrid Technologies " seems to indicate there was only one 'Hybrid
Technologies' cab. I am guessing we will not be seeing a bunch of lithium
cabs on Ebay anytime soon.

Interestingly there were three Hybrid Technologies EV's at the SunDay
Challenge ( last weekend in Cocoa Florida. There was
a Cooper Mini, Smart Car and a PT Cruiser. All that was missing from the HT
fleet was the Crossfire and the Mullen Motors car.

The cars were on static display Saturday and the person who brought them was
not around to answer questions. The Smart car and PT Cruiser were completely
covered with a printed adhesive over the paint. I resisted the temptation to
peel a little piece back on the PT Cruiser and check if it was taxi cab
yellow underneath<G>.


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