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Re: [EVDL] Hyperbole from "Infrastructure Industry"It's HERE now!

Sooo! THERE! I have been saying THIS for YEARS!To Corrupticut " Electric
Vehicles" hearings, ect! WHY do I feel like the left over sheeple on the
decks on the Titanic AFTER the Lifeboats have paddles away?"......... She't
She CAN'T Sink"This!?" is why I built a "Charging station" at my home in CT!
"Bf I build they will come?" Line from the great flick" Field of
Dreams"Expectig my first Tesla this weakend! Sports Fans; it up to US
Sheeple! , I know you MAY have the missfortunae of livving in condoes, etc
that MAKE your Take yur US flag down, and Other indignities?Or plug yur EV

I plugged at the RR, Thanks Amtrak! For 120 volts of Power for 8 hours
EVERY say while driving me OTHER EV=an EMB AEM-7 loectric lokie or the
Acela Express, fun stull like that! USUALL 8 hour s is gud enough!

I saw ON THE TUBE ABOUT THE FAMOUS "Clown" Cars Trip From Sandy Eggo?
I THINK? from RT66 to Chicago. They had a great trip the guy said; They
broke down, fad to fix stuff on the road. Hey! WHAT happen that trip that
SOME of the EV fefeges from the Joliet bohura, a few wiears ago? THE
possability of a looong trip down the Mother Road? MOST of us could manage ,
oh? Maybe 100 miles a day with our led acid badd-eries, IF ded a sort a
pick-me-of charges along the road?; Stopping at a quircky museum, a lunch
place, stop. Be NICE IF ya could get 240 volts? Byt COULD get by with 120
volts? After all 66 is flat like FLA, anyhooow!Gut go in the fall or spring
as it's TOO Godamn HOT for pleasure in the Summer!!! Get your itionery from
the song"Get your Kicks on RT-66"Well, IF ya are at "Old Fart" meterial?
Retired? But by then when you DON'T have to BE anyplace in the AM, the roads
will have Zillions of EV's? already? I think the Lieves will sescend EVERY
ehere? I mean before Faill? Or S" by Teslas make the cceene, oh DAMMIT!
Still dealing with Typing?! T THINK a lotta us have awered Feaves, anyhow?

Sea Ya;

The Snooze sed that they Golf oil MAY be capped by now?? Bob.

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> EVDL Members, Am I not correct? Isn't "J1772" mostly a scheme to generate
> billions from the Ignorant EV buying Sheeple?
> If the driver/owner of a $250,000 RV Bus can plug in to [email protected],
> why
> can not you or I ???
> **
> EXACTLY! I fave FRIENDS that HAVE a RV Buss JUST like that, sides opens,
> bigger than a NYC apartment!!Washed dryer, etc. HE needs 240 volt IF he
> doesn't wanna his Diseasel gennie.NICE Ride cide!
> *
> *
> *Infrastructure, and Range Anxiety are both HYPERBOLE!***
> Recharging or "charging stations" or "Special Charging Outlets" are
> just so much HYPE!
> For every fuel retailer today there are about 9,000 electric outlets
> suitable for recharging a car.
> That is not even counting the hundred or so high-powered outlets near
> every Interstate Highway rural and suburban interchange, (In the RV
> Campground.)
> A "Special" outlet is not necessary, just an adapter to allow one to
> plug in to a common outlet, 125Volts for a 6 hour charge, and 240 Volts
> for
> "Quick" charge of 15 min to a half hour. [As in a standard home 240 Volts
> clothes dryer outlet.]
> There are 10,000 Electrics on the road today in the USA, that use
> those
> outlets. And another 30 million RVs who use the RV campground outlets. Are
> we all likely to be electrocuted tomorrow? I think NOT !Grandma in hers
> slipper can plug her Winne Bagle in, no issues in the rain?
> Chevy has said that an adapter would be included with each "Leaf" to
> allow charging with 125 Volts home outlet. Why, then do I need a $3,000
> outlet in my garage?

Yopu DON'T IF we can wire up OUR EV's the damn, OUTLET should be
> Simple answer is I don't. And several Web companies are already
> selling "adapters if the J72's thingies NOW?

Looks like outfits are getting ready to marketing
> adapters.
> At my Electric Car Repair school, that is one small lesson, we teach
> it, as part of Repairing Electric Vehicles, see us at. AND hooking up yur
> OWN EV plugs!
> ** There are Alternatives !
> --
> Regards,
> Dennis Lee Miles
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