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Re: [EVDL] Hyperbole from "Infrastructure Industry"

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Re: [EVDL] Hyperbole from "Infrastructure Industry"

We just had some research done over EV charging opportunities in Finland.

There's a unique situation here since we can find about 1,5 million
sockets (230VAC/10-16A) outside by the parking lots. They have been
kinda mandatory for ICEs when they are iced. System has been
developing over past 30 years. They still do it cheap. Pole, cable and
socket-box costs about 200 =80. New socket base maybe 15=80. New heater
cable 25=80. I love the trend !

Also people have used to plug in. All winter. Every year. A bit over
2 million cars on the roads. That's plenty of plugging in harsh
conditions (very cold plugs get reheated once a day). Average Wh
pulled from the plug every morning for the heating.. I'd say 1,5 to 4
kWh. I do know some idiots who keep the car heated over night too.
I've seen 12 kWh going in over night to neighbours cabin heating
'experiments' (sigh)

Safety then ? How many plug-in deaths a year against maybe 100 million
plugging ? zero.

During past 10 years then ? NONE.

So .. go figure.. how much more safer is the new plug ??

100 mile pack, overnight charging (sleep charge) and wife on a good mood..

what else would man need ???


2010/9/16 EVDL Administrator <[email protected]>:
> On 15 Sep 2010 at 15:47, Dennis Miles wrote:
>> If the driver/owner of a $250,000 RV Bus can plug in to [email protected], =
>> can not you or I ???
> The usual range plug is fine for us as EV hobbyists, but I'm not sure sure
> it's well suited to general use.
> For one thing, it takes a fair bit of oomph to insert and remove the plug.
> Some drivers, especially older ones, might not have the strength.
> Also, the pins are hot and exposed as you insert or remove the plug from =
> receptacle, creating a signifcant shock hazard.
> Most European 240v connectors are recessed, and have insulator sleeves on
> the pins. This makes them quite a bit safer as it's much more difficult to
> contact live pins. Ours don't have those features. I suspect that i=
f the
> standard NEMA plugs were being developed today, the manufacturers' attorn=
> would have fits over the potential for liability.
> I think the US-spec 14-50 pair is probably acceptable when the recept is
> mainly a disconnecting device, used infrequently, as it is for ranges and
> welders. It's less so when the connection is to be made one or more ti=
> per day.
> So, I agree that an improved plug/receptacle pair is a good idea for mass
> market EVs. Is J1772 the right answer? I don't know, but it looks l=
> we're stuck with it, at least for now.
> David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
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