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Re: [EVDL] iPhone app, new idea

I just got off the phone with my apps guy. He suggests we make the wi-fi
interface a web page and provide the interface as a wi-fi internet network
connection. This way any phone or other device that has wi-fi can connect to

Preliminary cost of the device including the RS-232 to wi-fi hardware and
all software needing to be done should be about $250.00 but it would depend
on how many commitments I could get.

Seeing commitments of at least 15 devices I will start to put into stone the
specifications for the interface and then we could get started. Because of
his backup it will take 2 to 3 months to complete so there would also be an
amount of patience needed on your part.

Mark Grasser

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In response to the editorial questioning why you would ever use a smart
phone to talk to a car... while at the same time not disputing the cost
and/or monthly fees (there are cheaper ways of going about things)...
here's some rationale:

Potentially using that 'fancy phone' that you already have to do more
things with a better user interface (touch screen) while driving and
have a smaller needed space :

Map integration to track routes/performance -- Google Maps often does
a better job than Tom-Tom/Garmin
Automatically log route/performance data to an online database (via
wi-fi or cellular)
Cell phones are *typically* more reliable than netbooks as far as
Cell phones don't usually have hard drives, which do not like

Most $300 netbooks (that I'm aware of) do not have GPS sat receivers --
the Dell mini10 base model ($299) doesn't include Bluetooth.

If you buy an android device, then it is possible to get it cheaper than
$300, without requirement of a data (cellular) plan. You can code it up
on a droid cell phone and then "scale it up" to run on a 7" android
tablet that could become your main or auxillary dashboard. You also
have the opportunity with cell phones to purchase refurb'd or "last
year's" model for cheap.

For temporary onboard diagnostics, sure a netbook would work. But for
the next-gen "off-the-shelf" dashboard, I think the android device is
gonna be huge.

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