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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

Dennis Miles wrote:
> (EVDL) LIST Members:
> In My Humble Opinion.The prices of Electric conversions are going to
> rise. The $99 reservations for the Leaf and for the Volt have completely

Ah, if only saying it is so, made it so!

Personal observation tells me conversion activity is dying. Two years
ago, there were at least three professional/semi-professional
conversion/repair shops with in about 100 miles. Now, there are none.
To get EV conversion repair work done, I have to haul to Kansas. About
2400 miles for two round trips. I know of one very nice conversion
that should have sold for about $10K that went for $6K recently. I
know of at lease one other for sale very nice conversion that has had
no reasonable offers. I know of one conversion being done on
speculation that was abandoned due to poor sales prospects.

What's wrong? Fuel is too cheap. Two years ago I was expecting at
least $5 gasoline by now.

Dennis, it may turn out that you are right, but we will need unstable
oil supply and prices to REALLY stimulate conversions.

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