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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

Leaf registrations are real. The car is real. The car will give those who
just want a plug-n-play a way to get their EV and will give those who want
an EV but can't build one or just don't have the time to spend on such a
hobby. There are thousands upon thousands that fit in that category. The
hobby cars under $40k are usually not user friendly if a stranger were to
just jump in. Can anyone just jump in your EV and go. I don't think to many
can say that but you can in the leaf. All you need to know is that you have
x distance and how to turn it on and off and how to plug it in. Well those
are no brainers. No clutch, no shifting no nothing but point and go. It has
a throttle and brake and lights for night and AC and Heat. Electric windows.
Heck, its a modern car with all the goodies. No hot rod but a damn nice car.
Yes just a plain car. But one that many will buy. Not all but many. Me
included. The first roll out is to evaluate which I think is not needed but
it is a business. Can it flop, sure, will it flop, doubtful.

Pete :)

All most all the other manufacturers are going to roll out an electric if
this is a hit. Many are just conversions but many will follow with one
designed from the ground up that is all electric and never was an ICE.

If you don't understand, be patient, you will. Now I understand. :)
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