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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

Lee Hart wrote:

> EVDL Administrator wrote:
>> To put it bluntly, conversions are NOT for most people.
> I'd amend that by saying that *most* conversions are not for most
> people.
> The typical conversion is a one-of-a-kind project, by someone who has
> little or no experience in what they are doing. It's inevitable that
> it
> will have many "rough edges". The same is true for any do-it-yourself
> project; be it a house, a boat, etc.
> But some people build EVs (and houses and boats) anyway. It's an
> adventure. It's a chance to do things your way. It's an opportunity to
> be different, to have fun, to experiment, and put some excitement
> into life.
> Most people don't look to their cars for adventures. They want
> predictable, boring, no-surprises driving. Conversions are not for
> them.
> It is certainly possible to make a conversion that "most people" would
> like. The big auto companies have done it, with things like the Toyota
> RAV4-EV, Ford Ranger-EV, and Chrysler minivan EV. Other companies have
> done it, like Solectria and Soleq. It takes a lot more time to do a
> thorough job so that the average person can just "get in and drive"
> without thinking about it being an EV. That makes these conversions a
> lot more expensive.
> I think the main problem with EVs built by individuals or small
> companies is lack of experience and knowledge. They don't know what
> not
> to do. So, they wind up makes mistakes; mistakes that have been made
> before, but they didn't know about them.
> My hope is that the EVDL will serve as a reference for future builders
> to avoid repeating these mistakes!
> --
> Lee A. Hart | Ring the bells that still can ring

Hi Lee,

I think you are absolutely right about the EVDL being a resource for
the would be EV converter.

Unfortunately, as it stands it is very difficult to use in that t
respect. As usual with the WWW, you often seem to need to know what
you are looking for before you can find it. All the jargon that is
used means that the budding EV converter will struggle to find what
they are after, even if the archive were easy to use...

So what I propose is a section of the EVDL that contains a blueprint
for one or more 'standard' conversions, with all the mods required,
stuff that needs buying etc all listed with contacts of suppliers and
pictures etc provided. One could even get EV parts suppliers on board
with special deals etc.

You could have a range of vehicles - say an S10, something mid-size, a
small car and maybe a sports car too. I think you would have to go
with the more budget end of specification. You would need a 'board'
of contributors and the best design agreed on.

Just a thought!

Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts, UK

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