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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

I'd guess it is something like 1 in 100 that'll actually turn wrenches on their
own car, and of the order of 1 in 10,000 that'll actually cut, drill, and weld
to modify their car. It seems to me most conversions are more aimed at the 1 in
10,000 crowd rather than the 1 in 100 crowd.

Imagine a unit that would take the place of a Chevy V8. It uses the original
motor mounts, and would just plug into the car's computer. The unit has the
motor, controller, charger, DC/DC, and lithium batteries. Yeah, it would weigh
1000 lbs, but that's OK the Chevy V8 is not much lighter. You could literally
have a one day conversion with no cutting, welding, or cable threading. As an
option offer a 2nd Lithium pack that would replace the gas tank.

It seems to me this would reach the market of folks that'll change a clutch, but
are reluctant to do hot rod levels of fabrication. It would also keep downtime
low enough you could conceivably do the conversion and not miss a single day of
driving to work. The weight is not a problem, you are already removing 700+ lbs
of motor with an engine hoist. This would also do much of the unit assembly
outside of the car, where everything is easy to reach. The manufacturer could
deliver a fully tested unit.

Even if this was kept 100% in-house, imagine being able to advertise a 1-day
conversion. About 8 of these units would fit in the footprint of a car, so not
as large a conversion shop would be needed. I would guess overall cost would go
down, as overall labor hours would be less.

Another way to think of it is as the engine replacement market (most major auto
parts store will sell you a rebuilt Chevy V8) rather than the custom hot rod

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Conversions !

EVDL Administrator wrote:
> To put it bluntly, conversions are NOT for most people.

I'd amend that by saying that *most* conversions are not for most people.

The typical conversion is a one-of-a-kind project, by someone who has
little or no experience in what they are doing. It's inevitable that it
will have many "rough edges". The same is true for any do-it-yourself
project; be it a house, a boat, etc.

But some people build EVs (and houses and boats) anyway. It's an
adventure. It's a chance to do things your way. It's an opportunity to
be different, to have fun, to experiment, and put some excitement into life.

Most people don't look to their cars for adventures. They want
predictable, boring, no-surprises driving. Conversions are not for them.

It is certainly possible to make a conversion that "most people" would
like. The big auto companies have done it, with things like the Toyota
RAV4-EV, Ford Ranger-EV, and Chrysler minivan EV. Other companies have
done it, like Solectria and Soleq. It takes a lot more time to do a
thorough job so that the average person can just "get in and drive"
without thinking about it being an EV. That makes these conversions a
lot more expensive.

I think the main problem with EVs built by individuals or small
companies is lack of experience and knowledge. They don't know what not
to do. So, they wind up makes mistakes; mistakes that have been made
before, but they didn't know about them.

My hope is that the EVDL will serve as a reference for future builders
to avoid repeating these mistakes!
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