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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

David Dymaxion wrote:
> Imagine a unit that would take the place of a Chevy V8. It uses the original
> motor mounts, and would just plug into the car's computer. The unit has the
> motor, controller, charger, DC/DC, and lithium batteries. Yeah, it would weigh
> 1000 lbs, but that's OK the Chevy V8 is not much lighter. You could literally
> have a one day conversion with no cutting, welding, or cable threading. As an
> option offer a 2nd Lithium pack that would replace the gas tank.
The weight limit doesn't matter, you wouldn't get enough volume to put
more batteries than maybe 10 miles of range.

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