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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

Hopefully you caught in my original message I was talking about lithium, not
lead acid. You are right about only 10 miles of range with lead acid. Just for
fun let's do some numbers for lithium:

Look under the hood of a muscle car, Chevy V8 motors are huge! Check out how
cavernous the motor compartment is on this diyelectriccar thread:

I just measured under the hood of my gas car, with a Chevy V8. You could get a
block of 27 inches x 38 inches x about 12 inches above where an electric motor
would be, between the huge fender wells (you could put on a high riser hood if
you needed more height, and my Camaro has a very low hood). My 200 Ahr lithium
sitting behind me is a 2.875 x 8.875 inch footprint. That's room for (drum roll
please) 3 across and 13 deep, 39 batteries. That's 129 Volts nominal, for 26
kWhr nominal. Even if the car got a putrid 400 Whr/mile, that's still 64 miles.

Let's get really really conservative and put the batteries on their sides. Then
there would be absolutely no hood clearance worries, and you could still get 26
batteries for 42 miles of range.

That would still leave plenty of nooks and crannies for things like the
controller and DC-DC. If you tucked some batteries into the corners and through
the radiator hole you could get maybe another 4 or so batteries on the main
unit. Add a bolt on unit to go through the radiator hole and you could get maybe
another 4 batteries in there.

If you really wanted to go wild, you could tuck the motor into the tranny hole
and go direct drive -- then you could get a block of about 78 batteries by doing
a double stack (I wouldn't recommend it, half the terminals would be a nightmare
to reach)! Talk about a big block!

You could get about 39 more batteries in a single layer in the trunk/gas tank
area (would require cutting), and you could do a double stack "big block"

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Conversions !

David Dymaxion wrote:
> Imagine a unit that would take the place of a Chevy V8. It uses the original
> motor mounts, and would just plug into the car's computer. The unit has the
> motor, controller, charger, DC/DC, and lithium batteries. Yeah, it would
> 1000 lbs, but that's OK the Chevy V8 is not much lighter. You could literally
> have a one day conversion with no cutting, welding, or cable threading. As an
> option offer a 2nd Lithium pack that would replace the gas tank.
The weight limit doesn't matter, you wouldn't get enough volume to put
more batteries than maybe 10 miles of range.

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