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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more "Sophisticated" Conversions !

Cory Cross <[email protected]> wrote:
> David Dymaxion wrote:
> Even if this was kept 100% in-house, imagine being able to advertise a 1-day
> conversion.

Last I checked, the kit you mentioned is availabled at Canadian EV
( . When I spoke to Randy a while back, he was talking
about weekend conversions. They do them in house in less time, but he
said with a hoist and the right S10, it was easilly a weekend job, no

I went with something else at the time. But the kit is there and
ready to go -- perhaps someone on the list has used it? I suspect
he's not the only one with a bolt-on kit. Since I've spoken to him,
he now has Geo, Swift, Neon, Echo and Scion kits... I'm guessing its
catching on.



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