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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more Sophisticated Conversions !

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Re: [EVDL] It is time to raise the bar, to more Sophisticated Conversions !

Lee Hart wrote:
>> > EVDL Administrator wrote:
>> >> To put it bluntly, conversions are NOT for most people.
>> >
>> > I'd amend that by saying that *most* conversions are not for most
>> > people.
>> >
>> > The typical conversion is a one-of-a-kind project, by someone who has
>> > little or no experience in what they are doing. It's inevitable that
>> > it
>> > will have many "rough edges". The same is true for any do-it-yourself
>> > project; be it a house, a boat, etc.

This is why I developed our custom bolt-in kits - to remove as many
of the rough edges, uncertainties, and beginner mistakes as
possible. I believe this has been successful, as we have had these
kits installed by high school students, and many are still in
reliable service 15 or 20 years after being built.

>> > Most people don't look to their cars for adventures. They want
>> > predictable, boring, no-surprises driving. Conversions are not for
>> > them.

This was exactly my philosophy, only my intention was to create a
conversion that WOULD work for them. It should be "transparent" to
operate: get in, turn in the key, check fuel level, put it into gear,
step on the throttle, and go, just like a gas car. No confusing dash
switches or intimidating banks of instruments.

>> > It is certainly possible to make a conversion that "most people" would
>> > like. The big auto companies have done it, with things like the Toyota
>> > RAV4-EV, Ford Ranger-EV, and Chrysler minivan EV. Other companies have
>> > done it, like Solectria and Soleq. It takes a lot more time to do a
>> > thorough job so that the average person can just "get in and drive"
>> > without thinking about it being an EV. That makes these conversions a
>> > lot more expensive.

Yes, it does take a lot more effort, which accounts for the
difference in price between a custom bolt-in kit and a universal kit.

>> > I think the main problem with EVs built by individuals or small
>> > companies is lack of experience and knowledge. They don't know what
>> > not
>> > to do. So, they wind up makes mistakes; mistakes that have been made
>> > before, but they didn't know about them.

This is true with many individuals and small companies because they
do not have an automotive background. I believe this is what I
brought to the table that others did not have: 28 years under the
hood making a living working on gas cars, learning what kinds of
stresses components face, where/when/how they break, how people will
abuse them, etc. as well as learning the engineering concepts that
went into the design and manufacture at the factory.

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