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hehe congrats

R. Matt Milliron wrote:

> IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE, HA HA HA HA! Somehow the Frankenstein referent
>seems appropriate.
> I got the motor in, Jim did such a great job. No shorts. Got the
>controller in, batteries hooked up and she runs. Ok backing out of
>the garage and turning around and backing back in isn't much, but its
>a start. The batteries are now getting a full charge as a string.
>Tomorrow I will start exercising them, they have been sitting way too
> Things to do. Permanent hook up for the chargers, no more clips. Go
>ahead and put the BMS on the batteries, they are flooded but it can't
>hurt. Hook in adapter for the IOTA. hook up the wires so the Ammeter
>and percent of charge are working. Air up tires. Crap, I thought I
>was close to being done! ; )

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