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Re: [EVDL] j1772 necessity revisited, "Conspiracy against new EVs?

Dennis Miles wrote:

> What am I talking about? The so called ?Charging Stations? being installed
> in the homes of every individual who wants to buy a ?Plug-In ?electric
> vehicle. An Electric or Hybrid Plug-In Vehicle is required to have a
> ?Specialized Outlet? to connect the charging unit actually located in the
> Vehicle. WHY ?

The situation is well recognized and many in the Leaf community are
"opting out". I have. I will wait until something more reasonable
comes along before I move up to 220v charging.

The topic is well covered in numerous threads here:

I believe there are government subsidies for charging stations that are
supporting the high pricing.

Here in Texas, we are hoping for some January deliveries.

BTW, I'm up to over 14K miles (almost two years) despite many months in
the shop. About 4,000 KWH into and out of the battery. What might be
the lifespan of flooded lead? 2,000 KWH?
I'm REALLY looking forward to reliability in a Leaf.

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