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Re: [EVDL] j1772 necessity revisited, "Conspiracy against new EVs?

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Re: [EVDL] j1772 necessity revisited, "Conspiracy against new EVs?

Douglas A. Stansfield wrote:
> Willie,
> You are going to seriously want 240v charging with the Leaf pack. Charging
> up after a long run in that car will set you back a long time at 120v
> charging.


My Hyundai has a larger pack and more range than the Leaf. I can
easily "make do" with my 110v/220v 1500 watt Elcon charger (that should
be about the same as Leaf "L1" charging) though I can add additional
charging when needed.

Though I expect "L1" only charging will be short term, under no
circumstances will I be paying $2K+ for a semi-smart extension cord.

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