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Re: [EVDL] Kokam / lithium "shelf life"

I believe this information comes from Philippe Borges, who wrote in
March 2006:

"i think no company will answer you (trustfully) on calendar life of
lithium batteries, because it's their major drawback.
It's a fact than once assembled, it start to "self-destruct", worst
if not

This said one people aswered me, it was Kokam CEO himself during
EVS21 :^)
I asked about calendar life of their li-ion cells
He told me something like: our cells are near new but we think you can
expect arround 4-5 years calendar life before real capacity loss.
I asked if capacity loss was significative
he told me: under usual target 80% capacity left.
I asked if half capacity loss was possible
He told me: yes it's possible."


Lawrie, Robin kirjoitti 7.11.2007 kello 18.01:

> Ive heard persistent rumours that the Kokam Cells have a restricted
> shelf life regardless of usage... is this the case? I cant even
> remember
> where I heard it... is this an issue with li-po cells in general?
> Cliff? You seem to be the man to ask..
> Ive been quoted a nice (its all relative) price on some 40 ah
> cells, but
> don't want to blow my load on some 2000+ cycle cells that only last 5
> years regardless...
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